Why use me?

It is simply not cost effective for you and your staff to write the company's marketing literature or website.

At best, you'll waste valuable time better spent on more profitable tasks. At worst, without necessary expertise, the end result will deliver a poor impression of your company to your customers.

First impressions count. Remember, new customers will judge your company on your marketing literature, your technical literature or your website (or all of these).

rbwords is a business copywriter that can help.

rbwords will work with you to understand your customers and your business & marketing objectives. I will create powerful copy from scratch, and editing/proof reading services for a range of technical and marketing communications, including:

  • Campaigns both on and offline
  • Company literature
  • Advertisements
  • Leaflets & letters
  • Data sheets
  • Technical documents
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • E-mails

But I don't just do the whole job. When all you need is a headline, closing sentence, title or strapline, that's all you'll get.

Still want to write it yourself? Then let me polish your words to make them work really hard.

My experience

rbwords is Robin Brown of Kettering, Northamptonshire. I have spent 18 years honing my editorial skills as the company's in-house Copywriter (both technical and marketing) and Online Editor for one of Europe's leading industrial distribution companies.

Since then I have worked with all kinds of company literature. I have written for various types of marketing
and non-marketing media, both technical and non-technical; on and off-line.

I have written, edited and proof-read the full spectrum. From technical catalogues, advertisements and websites to letters, brochures and e-mail newsletters.

I have a solid background in marketing to help me understand your needs, requirements and objectives.